Eastman Gun Shows - Since 1981
Eastman Gun Shows - Since 1981
Post Office Box 409, Fitzgerald, GA 31750 • gunshow@windstream.net
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Saturday 9AM to 5PM and Sunday 10AM to 4 PM

Under 12 free.

**No loaded firearms will be allowed on the person or in the possession of any exhibitor (or their employees, etc) within the confines of any Eastman Gun Show. There are no exceptions to this prohibition.


  • Coins, stamps, rocks, bottles, bumper stickers, baseball cards, jewelry of any kind other than American Indian.
  • All military shells, grenades, bombs, etc. must be totally deactivated.
  • Black powder or more than 5 lbs. of pyrodex.
  • Martial arts items of any kind other than WWII and earlier Japanese blades.
  • Flea market items, art or figurines other than that which relates to guns or hunting.
  • No loaded firearms will be permitted in these shows. No personal firearms or loaded magazines or loose ammunition. Immediate rejection from these shows is the rule if you or any member of your party is found with any of these items. No dealer will be allowed to bring into the show a personal weapon. Members of the public can bring into the shows only unloaded firearms and empty clips or magazines. No loose ammunition is allowed at the shows at any time. There is no problem with police officers bringing in a loaded gun. If you’re a police officer and plan to take it out of the holster for any reason other than if necessary in your line of duty please do not bring it in loaded.
  • Loose ammunition. All ammunition must be in an original box, sealed container, plastic bag or comparable container or under cover of lidded show case. Please tie down all displayed guns.
  • All cartridge firearms, other than those which are disassembled or those in glass display case must be checked, cleared, and secured with a cable tie by the dealer before placing them on a display table.
  • No books may be offered for sale at these shows which describe the fabrication of devices which if the device described were possessed by an individual, would constitute a felony under the laws of the United States or under the laws of the state of Georgia. No racial, ethnic, sexist or any hate mongering material of any type including material advocating the over throw of the government or that which degrades the office of the Presidency or of the President is allowed. This also includes bumper stickers, t-shirts, magazines, videos or any material as deemed by the management of these shows as objectionable.
  • These shows are advertised as family events. Pornographic materials or items with obscene language or graphics including t-shirts, magazines, videos, bumper stickers, or other items which could be considered to be offensive to families are not permitted.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
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